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See our gentle giant in action

Sunrise Eggs gentle giant farming robotic machinery.

It’s the gentle touch with our gentle giant here at Sunrise Eggs…from robotic farming machinery.
A revolutionary robot has proved the perfect end of line solution for packing our eggs, our very own gentle giant! The system we had recently installed at Sileby is capable of moving 70,000 eggs per hour onto pallets.

The system features a four tray pickup robot head, capable of picking up and palletising 720 eggs in a single rotation. The four tray pick-up head was chosen as the best solution to work in unison with the high throughput and speed of an existing system.

The ABB IRB 6400 Robot was installed by Wales-based RM Group designers, manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of manual and automated packaging machinery and systems. It makes light work of handling eggs; with precision programming the robot is able to pick up trays of eggs with great accuracy.

The bespoke robot heads are designed to fit the egg trays contours and the eggs are gently moved from accumulator to pallet with smooth precision.