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Egg grading using Moba PX 500

Sunrise Eggs deserve the best grader – Moba
Only the best egg grading for Sunrise Eggs with efficiency, hygiene and food safety.

As Moba tell us – Given the increasing demand for efficiency, hygiene and food safety, major steps have been taken within the industry, however, there comes a moment when something truly innovative is required to set a new standard.

The new Omnia PX is a complete technological redesign that aims to accomplish the 3 most important goals when it comes to facilitating egg producers.

About Moba

The Moba Group is the world leading manufacturer of egg grading, packing and processing machines. Our head office is situated in Barneveld, the Netherlands. With development, manufacturing, sales and -most important- service in multiple locations it is the aim of Moba to offer global solutions and be close to its customers at the same time.